Waking up during or after a crazy dream seems to leave me wondering where the theme came from..

In a panic I searched for my purse, I knew when I last had it. I can’t go anywhere as I just noticed I also misplaced my boots. I feel like I’m wandering thru corridors, opening doors and peaking inside. Nope not there.

I find myself waiting in a line up, and there under a table I see it, my grey purse. I reach out and grasp it, it’s lighter than it should be.  What’s missing. My receipts, my wallet, my Canadian tire money. I feel violated.  It’s my turn to go to the counter. As I begin my tale of my missing items I am still searching through what little is left in my purse.  The lady asks someone else about boots, they have them and are giving them to me in a box they are tapping closed.  

Meanwhile a lady at the next counter tells her name, a mispronunciation of mine.  I approach her and ask if she is the Mary so and so saying my name wrong as well..She looks strangely at me and say that she is. I need to expose her in front of these people..I ask her things like if she’s married, nope. What part of the family are you from then, as I don’t recall anyone named Mary.. she seems to be trying to find a response. I ask her her middle name..She shrugs and wants to know why.

A curious onlooker comes over to ask what is going on, he also shows a badge. I explain I am looking for the items missing from my purse and that this lady has my name but mispronunced.  She looks horrified. Claims she doesn’t know what I’m talking about. He asks to see her ID, he asks for her name as it is on her birth certificate, she has no idea. 

Her clueless face is the last thing I see as I wake up


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